September 2015

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This month’s edition of the Association for Dressings & Sauces “In The Know” includes coverage of the growing hot sauce industry in the U.S., consumer perceptions of the food and beverage industry, the importance of healthy eating to Hispanics and information on the world of barbecue.

Hot Sauce, USA
Fast Company -- August 27, 2015

If you’re looking to spice up your omelet at your local diner, you might find Thai Sriracha, Mexican Cholula, or even Korean Gochujang alongside bottles of hot sauce. These foreign sauces have quietly crept into restaurants and supermarket shelves across the country without much fanfare. And yet, they’ve sparked an explosion in hot sauce sales, transforming the American palate forever.

Consumer Insights on Healthy Eating
Prepared Foods -- August 14, 2015

The impact of consumer health perceptions on the foodservice industry is evident as of late. Within the past year, at least eight leading limited-service chains have announced some sort of pledge to remove ingredients from the menu that consumers view as unhealthy—most notably meat from animals that were given antibiotics.

Hispanics Value Healthy Foods
Prepared Foods -- July 13, 2015

Technomic’s recent “Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report” found that healthy options are being increasingly sought out by Hispanic patrons when visiting restaurants. In fact, 46% of Hispanics surveyed said they are more likely to visit a restaurant if healthy options are available, which is greater than the 41% of the general U.S. population that answered the same. 

Prepared Foods -- July 13, 2015

While some barbecue masters are divided over the “to sauce or not to sauce” question, for most manufactured barbecue products, the sauce is integral. A visit to any barbecue sauce supermarket shelf can turn up as many as several hundred different products. Ardie Davis(one of the best-known judges on the competitive barbecue circuit) estimates there are as many as 1,200 variations of barbecue sauce available in US stores. No matter how many variations, though, each can be placed into one of five main categories: Super Sweet and Thick, Sweet and Smoky, Tangy Sauces, Mustard-based and Hot and Spicy Sauces.

Mapping the World of Barbecue
Food Technology -- August 2015

If you’re a subscriber of Food Technologists, we also recommend the “Mapping the World of Barbecue” article from the August issue of Food Technology

This article goes into detail about the barbecue sauce market, different flavors trending in restaurants and on shelves and advice on where sauce manfacturers are facing challenges as well as finding growth opportunities. 

Recipe of the Month

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The perfect meal to satisfy the Wild West in you: ranch dressing and a medley of vegetables covering a big fluffy biscuit.

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