February 2015

"Today the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears."

~ Brian Tracy - Self-help author and speaker


This month’s edition includes stories on clear labeling, Hispanic consumer trends, pre-mix salad consumption trends, superfoods for 2015 and our Recipe of the Month. Bon Appétit!

Look Ahead: Clear Labeling
Prepared Foods | January 2015

"The move from clean to clear labeling is a key trend for 2015, reflecting a move to clearer and simpler claims and packaging for maximum transparency," says Lu Ann Williams, Innova's director of innovation. "Meeting the needs of the Millennial consumer has also become a key focus, as has targeting the demands of the gourmet consumer at home, re-engineering the snacks market for today's lifestyles and combating obesity with a focus on positive nutrition." Other trends include:  convenience for foodies, marketing to Millenials and snacks rise to the occasion. 

Catering to the Hispanic Consumer
Progressive Grocer | January 2015

Hispanic consumers now make up one-sixth of the total U.S. population (53 million), and their spending power is projected to surpass $1.7 trillion by 2017. Information Resources Inc.'s (IRI) HispanicLink identifies three distinct shopper segments in an effort to help retailers better accommodate this growing consumer group. These groups are identified as the Acculturated Hispanics, Bicultural Hispanics and Un-acculturated Hispanics.

Consumption Index
Progressive Grocer | January 2015

Dive into the population demographics of those who consume pre-cut salad mix. Progressive Grocers analyzes the behavior stages and lifestyles of today's salad consumer. Check out this month's market intelligence by the numbers.

Superfood Season
Progressive Grocer| January 2015

The new year brings revved-up interest in nutritionally potent produce. The seasonal surge in interest spells opportunities for produce departments looking to boost sales of everything from kale to sweet potatoes to pomegranates in 2015.

Recipe of the Month: Penne Pasta with Vegetables
Click here to see our awesome recipe of the month: Penne Pasta with Vegetables.

This simple recipe combines Ranch salad dressing, seasoning mix and cream cheese for a delectable pasta sauce. 

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Courtesy of The Clorox Company/Hidden Valley for recipe and photograph.