5 Essential Rules Of Marinades

Marinades are great-tasting, conveniant way to use dressings and sauces to amp up the flavor of your favorite meats, poultry, and fish.  They even do double-duty, tenderizing as they add flavor.

The best part is marinades don't have to be something you plan days in advance.  In fact, we've assembled the following five essential rules to using marinades to make your culinary creations fast and flavorful: 

  1. Allow about ½ cup of marinade for each pound of food.
  2. Average marinating time for meat can range from three hours to overnight. Cubed meats for kabobs usually require 2-3 hours. Always marinate your meats in the refrigerator.
  3. Remember that marinades flavor or tenderize only the outside ¼ inch of each piece.
  4. Marinating 12 hours or more reduces cooking time by one-third.
  5. Zip seal bags are great containers for marinating. No clean up is necessary.

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